Moneybookers (Skrill)

Skrill-This system is one of the most well-known and popular electronic payments on the Internet. Among its users, the system received the short names "MB" and "Bukersa". It has gained Special popularity among fans of online poker and casinos because of its cooperation with the majority of known rooms. With it you can buy goods in many online stores, as well as pay for additional services Skype or purchase on ebay. Despite the fact that the company is based in Britain, its official website and technical support are available in many languages, including Russian.

This type of calculation is supported by the following poker rooms:

  • Pokerstars
  • RedKings Poker
  • LotosPoker
  • Parimatch Poker
  • Bwin Poker
  • Black Chip Poker
  • PKR (3D Poker)
  • TiltaoPoker
  • HighPulsePoker
  • As well as almost all online casinos.


The Procedure of account registration is quite simple: you just need to go to the company's website and fill in the form with your personal data. It Should be noted that it is necessary to specify the actual data, because It may be necessary to confirm the documents. To confirm your identity (NAME), you must send a copy of your passport or driver's license. To confirm the Address – a copy of the payment receipt for utility services or another receipt containing the address and personal data (receipts must be not older than three months).

One user can have at most one account in the system. You can select only one currency that cannot be changed if transactions have already been made from the account. Users with a VIP account are given the opportunity to make several payment accounts in different currencies.

In the first 90 days from the moment of registration for each user the limit on internal operations in the amount of €1000 is set. This means that in these 90 days the total amount of the transaction must not exceed the amount of the limit.

The limit can be lifted in several ways:

1. Address Verification

To confirm the mailing address, each user should receive a letter with the verification code, which must be entered on the company's website.

-Go to the site of the company Moneybookers

-Go to "My account"-"Profile" and click "Verify".

-Here You must enter the received code.

The Letter comes in two weeks. This procedure increases the limit by €2500.

2. Credit card Verification

To Verify a bank card, you only need to make a deposit with it. The Procedure looks like this: the user specifies the data of his bank card in a special column. After that, the system charges an arbitrary sum from its account, knowing the exact size of which, the user must specify it in Moneybookers.

The Procedure allows you to increase the limit by €2500.

3. Bank Account Verification

Verification of the bank account can be done in two ways: Make a deposit from this account or withdraw funds to this account. To Confirm this procedure, you must provide a copy of the bank account statement or specify the code received when withdrawing funds from MB to the account.

The First Way is an international transfer of funds from your bank account to the account of the Booker. This procedure can be carried out in the bank branch. It is Paid separately in accordance with the tariffs established by the bank.

At the end Of This operation, the limit will be increased by €2500.

For the second method of verification it is necessary to take into account important conditions:

— You should not have any verification before;

-You must have at least €10 or $10 on your Moneybookers account.

Moneybookers will offer to verify the account in any of three ways. It is Necessary to choose the variant number two – "Verification by the outgoing Vyer". After that it is necessary to get a vyer to the bank account. The payment details will contain a code consisting of six letters and numbers. During the next attempt to withdraw the funds, the Booker will be asked to provide this code.

At the end Of This operation, the limit will be increased by €15000.

4. Verification of Identity

To do this, you can send a letter or call the technical support of the company and inform about the desire to increase the limit by providing scanned documents confirming the identity and address of residence.

Account Replenishment

— When You refill your account by bank transfer the Commission is not taken

— When You refill your account with a VISA card, a commission of 1.9% of the transfer amount is taken.

Withdrawal of funds

The Withdrawal of funds from the system can be accomplished in two ways:

-Withdrawal to VISA card. The Maximum amount of one withdrawal is €500

-Withdrawal to the bank account. In this case, the size of the withdrawal amount is limited only by your transaction limit.

Withdrawals in both cases are made within 3-14 days.

The Commission for withdrawal in this case is €1.80, and the Commission for internal transfers is 1%, but not more than €0.50.


The System is most convenient to use for transferring funds between poker rooms. In This case all procedures are carried out completely free of charge, i.e. Do not provide for payment of the Commission. It Should be noted that in this case there is a possibility to withdraw funds to a bank account or a bank card, the cost of which is only €1.80 and does not depend on the amount of transfer, which allows you to withdraw large sums without high costs.

Using the Skrill system, You can make instant deposits in the casino. Withdrawals are also made fairly quickly.

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