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The Red Star Poker site offers one of the most generous registration bonuses: 100% to 500 dollars. This means that players will receive an additional 500 USD for a deposit of 500 dollars. It is necessary to remember that by registering on our link you will receive 33% rake back.

To receive your registration bonus, the player must earn 10 bonus points (Bo) for each bonus dollar. Bonuses will be paid for every 500 Bo in the amount of 50 dollars.

If the player invest 100 dollars, he is charged a bonus for registration of 100 dollars. As soon as the player gains 500 Bo, he will receive 50 dollars. By dialing 1000 Bo, he'll get another $50, and so on. Players earn Bo by playing for real money or in multi-table tournaments

The Red Star Poker site holds free tournaments: a free $50 tournament from Monday to Friday at 21:00 and 00:00 clock Moscow time, a free tournament with a first installment of 100 dollars every Saturday at 19:30 MSK time (22:30 by Eastern time), a special free tournament for 250 dollars every Saturday at 21:00 Moscow time (01:00 Eastern Time), a special free tournament for 1000 dollars every Saturday at 20:00 Moscow time (00:00 Eastern Time).

Participation in tournaments is absolutely free-it does not require an initial fee or a certain minimum bo! The only condition: to get your winnings in a free tournament, players must earn 5 bo for each dollar of the prize.

The Red Star Poker site also holds free promo tournaments: In September – 5000 dollars for those who earned at least 50 Bo in August, in October – for 10 000 dollars for those who earned 100 Bo in September, in November – for 15 000 dollars for those who earned 150 Bo in Oct Re, and finally, in December – for 20 000 dollars for those who earned 200 Bo in November.

The conditions for making money and winnings could be better, but they are not bad. The Red Star Poker site provides 24/7 real-time, live, email and telephone support in Russia and North America. The support staff are friendly, quick to answer questions, well-savvy and have great knowledge of online poker issues.

Red Star Poker is designed in a non-standard style: a beautiful homepage and nice rooms for players. The software has a full set of standard functions with very clear menus. The color scheme (red-black) also looks very interesting.

Here you can play Hold'em, Omaha, seven stud Poker or a new five stud poker game room. The stakes are from 0.02/0.04 USD to 30/60 dollars. The only drawback-a small traffic. There are a lot of Russian players on the Red Star Poker site. In this case, many players with a very "chaotic" style of play-a good chance for an experienced poker lover.

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