WebMoney is a universal electronic payment system that allows you to make payments in real time on the Internet. The role of the means of payment are titular characters WebMoney. The system exists since 1998 year and currently has over 12 million users, that puts it at the top of the list of electronic payment systems in Russia and CIS countries.


To use the program you must register your payment account and client download WebMoney Keeper.

When opening an account the user must specify the personal data. Some of them you can optionally hide from other users of the system. At the end of the procedure of registration each user is assigned a 12 digit ID number.

Each user can create an unlimited number of purses. The most commonly used types such as purses WMZ (USD), WME (euro) and WMR (ruble).

Each user of the system, carrying out payment transactions, gets the Business Level (BL), which testifies to its activity on the system.

This type of calculation is supported by most online casinos

How to refill system WebMoney

1. WM-cards

WM WebMoney cards

For cash you can buy a scratch card and activate it through the client, WebMoney Keeper. This method of payment does not provide for the payment of Commission, making it the most profitable. Information on the places of sale of WM-cards can be obtained at geo.webmoney.ru

2. Exchange Webmoney

Exchange cash/cashless money on WM can be produced through special Exchange WebMoney. Often takes a Commission, which is no more than 4% of the transaction amount.

3. Wire transfer

Deposit funds into the system can be made by bank transfer. Learn more about this payment method can be found here.

4. Payment terminals.

Withdrawal of WebMoney system

1. Exchange Webmoney.

To withdraw funds in this manner must be translated using a code of the patronage, the amount of output (including Commission) on purse exchange point. In the notes for payment, you must specify passport data of the payee. Note that you must specify the data of the person who will be in Exchange for cash, so in some cases, the data may not correspond with the data of the owner of the wallet.

The main advantage of this method is that you can get cash within a short time. The downside is the relatively large size of the Commission.

2. Output to Webmoney card

Webmoney cards

Withdrawal of funds on the card account. You can order a card via Webmoney.

3. the withdrawal to a bank account

A withdrawal to a bank account or credit card account. The fees range from 0.80% of the transaction amount.

4. Visa/Mastercard

A withdrawal to Visa or Mastercard. The Commission in this case is not less than 1%.

5. Withdrawal through the payment system Contact

Crediting funds to your casino account often happens instantly. Inference depends on the conditions established by the Casino. Waiting for withdrawal can last from hours to several days 2-3. The Commission is normally 0.8%.

There are cases when Casino demanded from client that is attempting to withdraw funds from the account, obtaining a personal certificate in the payment system. If you decide to withdraw money from a bank account, you will have to confirm the registration data.

Online Casino often draws funds only for the purse, from which the deposit was made. If you do not have access to this account, the withdrawal must be notified to the administration of the Casino site. As a rule, those. support Casino offers a new deposit with another purse that will be subsequently displayed means.

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